I've been exploring and photographing the Irish landscape for many years and, after lots of pressure from friends and visitors to exhibitions I had done, I eventually launched Ireland's Wild Landscape online during the very wet August of 2012!

My aim in sharing the photographs is to promote the unique, special beauty and centuries rich heritage of the Irish landscape; the spectacular, popular and well known locations - but more-so the trove of hidden secrets that are less often visited.

I add new images regularly to twitter, facebook, and to the 12 Recent Images Gallery.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them - feedback, or enquiries for information are very welcome via the e-mail below or contact link above. If I am occasionally slow to reply it's because I'm "gone shootin"!

If you enjoy the outdoors, please stay safe

Gerry Dwyer

All of the images are the original work of www.irelandswildlandscape.com. The images are copyright www.irelandswildlandscape.com and requests for use should be sent by e-mail to irelandswildlandscape@gmail.com

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